EU court advisor: Poland logging unlawful
 UN expert voices concern of Israeli Supreme Court's torture ruling
 Special Counsel indicts attorney on false statement charges related to Russia investigation [updated]
 UN: Libya must protect hundreds of citizens stranded in the desert
 UN rights experts urge US to protect 'Dreamers' before program expires
 Supreme Court declines to review decision upholding 10-day waiting period for gun purchases
 Pennsylvania Supreme Court unveils new congressional map
 FISA court considering request to release hearings regarding Carter Page
 Gambia suspends death penalty in step towards abolition
 Belgium court rules against Facebook in privacy case
 World Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 17 February 2018
 US Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 17 February 2018
 Federal grand jury indicts 16 Russian defendants for interfering in US election
 Lawsuits challenge termination of teen pregnancy prevention program
 UN rights chief urges Iran to halt death penalty for juvenile offenders
 UN rights office: Hungary anti-immigration proposal an 'assault on human rights'
 Oregon House approves gun control measures
 Senate receives bill for researching the effects of low doses of radiation
 Senate Committee advances bill to reduce minimum sentences for drug charges
 US House passes amendments to ADA to slow litigation
 ACLU challenges Ohio law banning abortions based on Down Syndrome diagnosis
 Fourth Circuit upholds preliminary injunction of third Trump travel ban
 South Africa president, newly elected by parliament, vows to tackle corruption
 Human Rights Watch criticizes German social media law
 US Court of Appeals rejects Alabama school district attempt to secede on grounds of race